Rod of Anubis

The rod of Anubis the God of the dead


The rod created by Anubis, its sole purpose was to destroy and cause a plague of death this is the second rod created by Anubis. the first rod created by Anubis was much more powerful. The only person know to ever weld the rod of Anubis is death.

Only Death and Anubis were known to weld this weapon because no one knew about this staff. This staff was kept a secret by Anubis because he did not want any pesky hero like Hercules, Perseus and guys like that to find out, why?… well lets see maybe someone would steal it. Anubis kept it very secret but in the end a rogue named Death stole the rod.The only reason Death was able to even hold the weapon was because his soul was merged with Anubis and when Anubis created it Death knew because there minds were merged too. Death stole the weapon because he wanted it for his needs.

Rod of Anubis

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